Current Turnaround: 3 - 4 weeks 

Our fully trained workshop technicians can service your skis and snowboards and bring them back to their former condition. We can work miracles to repair your skis and snowboards, whether you've got just a few light scratches, you need an edge sharpen, a wax, or something more major like an edge replacement or a base patch.

If your feeling practical, then we also sell everything you would need to service your own skis, including helpful 'How to Service your skis and snowboards' step by step instructions.

Our servicing costs vary depending on what work needs doing to the skis or snowboard, please see guide below. When you bring your skis to the shop for servicing we can look at what work is needed and advise you where necessary.

Ski & Snowboard Service Pricing

We offer four tiers of ski and snowboard servicing, making it less confusing for you to pick the level of servicing that you require. Looking for a quick top up before a trip to the dome? Go for Bronze. Treating your skis before a season away and want to make sure everything's up to scratch? Platinum has you covered. Check the table below for a full process and cost breakdown. 


Bronze - £20
  • Base clean & prep using Solda Eco Cleaner
  • Sharpen side edge to 88°
  • Buff wax using Solda Temperature Wax
  • Basic base buff & polish with brush
Silver - £25
Bronze service plus...
  • Base grind
  • Hot wax using Solda All Temperature Wax
  • Premium base buff & polish with multiple brushes
  • Final coat of Zardoz for maximum glide
Gold - £35
Silver service plus...
  • Repair any base damage with P-Tex
  • Final ceramic edge polish with Wintersteiger Trimjet
  • Hot wax using Solda performance wax
Platinum - £50Gold service plus...
  • Stonegrind with Wintersteiger Sigma RS350 to add desired structure
  • Deep base clean using a soft universal wax
  • Five hour hot box to ensure proper wax penetration
  • Top sheet clean & polish
  • Binding check using Wintersteiger test machine (Boot required)

Additional Services

Additional Charges
Next day service*+£5
While you wait service**+£10
Patch & Repair***+£10-40
Delamination Repair+£10-30
* Not available on Platinum Services
** Not available during Winter Season
*** Must include Silver Service or above
Binding Mounting*
Drill mounting£50
Rail System mounting£20
Snowboard set up£10
* Free if both skis/snowboard and bindings are purchased from us.
Half price if either skis/snowboard or bindings are purchased from us.
Binding Adjustment
Rail system adjustment£10
If adjustment requires re-drill£50
Other Services
While you wait buff wax **£15
While you wait hot wax **£20
Wintersteiger Binding Test (boot required)£20
Skin cutting£20
Skin re-glue£60
Quiver Killers Fitting (includes quivers)£85
 ** Not available during Winter Season