Current Turnaround: 1 Week

Our fully trained workshop technicians can service your skis and snowboards and bring them back to their former condition. We can work miracles to repair your skis and snowboards, whether you've got just a few light scratches, you need an edge sharpen, a wax, or something more major like an edge replacement or a base patch.

Our extensive workshop is fully equipped with both a belt grinder and stone grinder and also full binding mounting facilities for almost every model of binding available.

If your feeling practical, then we also sell everything you would need to service your own skis, including helpful 'How to Service your skis and snowboards' step by step instructions and ski tuning courses.

Our servicing costs vary depending on what work needs doing to the skis or snowboard, please see guide below. When you bring your skis to the shop for servicing we can look at what work is needed and advise you where necessary.

Ski & Snowboard Servicing Pricing

Major full service£40
Full service£35
Base grind + edge + wax£25
Base grind + edge£20
Edge sharpen 86/87/88/89/90 degrees £12
Side wall strip£10
Base grind£10
Base bevel 0.5/0.75/1 degree£10
Wax/Storage wax only£12
Storage wax (w/full service)£5
Base patch (w/full service)£20
Quiver Killer inserts (plus binding set up £20)£85
Wintersteiger binding check+ report£20
Binding fitting - rail system£30
Binding fitting - drilled/swappedfrom £50
Binding fitting - drilled/swapped with one item purchased       from £25
Binding fitting - non jig etcfrom £60
Race place mounting£30

Servicing Glossary

FULL SERVICEIncluding minor base repair, light base grinding to flatten the base, edge sharpening, waxing and base finishing
MAJOR FULL SERVICEAs above but where more major repair work is needed, or if the skis or board have become excessively rusty
BASE GRIND, EDGE AND WAXLight base grinding to flatten the base, edge sharpening, waxing and base finishing
EDGE AND WAXEdge sharpening, waxing and base finishing
BASE GRINDBase grind only
EDGE SHARPENEdge sharpen only
HOT WAXIron on hot wax and base finishing (Extra Hard Dry Slope Wax available)
SUMMER STORAGE WAXA thick layer of iron on hot wax applied after a service to protect your skis & snowboard from drying out and going rusty when your not using them over the summer. Then bring them back in a few weeks before you go on holiday and we'll remove the wax, brush and polish them ready for use. On top of a normal service of any kind)
BASE REPAIR PATCHFor deep gouges we can cut out a section of the base and replace it with a new section of P-Tex base material patch(When undertaking any major base repair work a full service will also be needed)
BINDING DIN TESTING (SKIS)With Wintersteiger machine.
BINDING CHECK (SKIS)Adjusting bindings to ski boots, adjusting DIN release setting and overall binding check

Mounting new bindings to new skis, or re-mounting bindings on old skis. We have a vast number of jigs - but we are also happy to mount without a jig(at extra charge). We mount any binding - providing it is still serviceable.

BINDING MOUNT (BOARD)Mounting and adjusting bindings to a board 

Boot Spares, Repairs and Fitting:

We offer a full boot fitting service including heat moulding, stretching, grinding and custom footbeds and we can advise you what is necessary when you come to the shop. Don't forget we also offer a ski boot fitting appointment service to save you time queuing.

We also carry a large amount of ski boot spare parts including ski boot buckles, heels and toes, but will endeavour to order anything we don't have in stock.

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