Here at Ski Bartlett, we use cookies on our site to improve your experience with us. To ensure you get the full online shopping journey, our website, along with most other online retailers, requires your device to accept cookies, as some important features, such as purchase and log in will not work.

Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer, that contain small amounts of data. There are several different types of cookies that last for different periods of time, some last longer some disappear once you close your browser.

Are Cookies Enabled in my Browser?

You can check to see what cookies are stored in your computer cookie jar at any time from your browser settings. You can enable, disable or delete cookies at any time but if you disable cookies you may find some journeys a little more lengthy as you will have to re-enter information that would normally have been stored in a cookie.

Are Cookies secure?

Cookies do not in themselves present a threat to privacy, since they can only be used to store information volunteered by a user. 

What Types of Cookies do we use?

Session cookies: these are temporary and are only kept for the duration of your browsing, once you close your browser they are deleted forever. These are used for things like shopping baskets, so your items stay in the basket whilst you browse.

Stored cookies: this type are longer term data files and collect important information that will make your future visits easier, like remembering your log in details so they pre-fill when you return to a website. These remain until either deleted by yourself or they reach their expiration date.

Web analytics cookies: these ultimately help us to improve our site for our customers, by giving us information such as page visits and the way people navigate through our site so we can place what our customers look for in a more meaningful and simple way.