Ski Boot Fitting At Ski Bartlett

At Ski Bartlett we want you to enjoy skiing as much as we do, so we will do whatever we can to tweak and adjust your boots to get your perfect fit. 

Your ski boots will be fitted by trained and experienced ski boot fitters who will advise you which boot is correct for you. We offer heat mould-able plastic shells, mould-able liners and fully customised footbeds, helping you to achieve a comfortable fit and better skiing performance.

No matter what your foot shape (wide foot, narrow foot, a high or low instep, bumps and bunions, pressure points, large or skinny calves, or anything else that has caused you problems in the past) we can find a boot to fit, making any necessary adjustments.  We are here to help you and our mission is to have you skiing with a smile on your face !


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Buying ski boots is an exciting time, so make it hassle free by booking a scheduled boot fitting appointment. Each boot fitting appointment is allocated 1 hour and 45 minutes, during which your ski boot fitter will analyse your foot shape, give you a variety of ski boots to try on, assess if you need moulded insoles and also customise and tweak your final boots where necessary. 

  • 1hr 45mins appointment slots are available every day at 9:30am, 11:30am, 13:30pm and 15:30pm
  • Boot fitting appointments are reserved with a £50 charge which is credited back against your ski boot purchase.
  • Please note: Amendments to your booking must be made 24 hours before your appointment time.
  • Ski boots purchased elsewhere will be subject to fitting fees outlined below.


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We offer a range of services to help ensure the best fit for your ski boots. Our boot fitting specialists will help analyse your foot shape, posture and ski style along with providing several options of boots to choose from if required. Any boots purchased in store are covered by our fit guarantee. If ski boots are purchased elsewhere we can help fit these as best we can but will not be covered by our fit guarantee. Below are a list of our services and prices.

Boots Purchased In Store
Fitting FeeFREE
Fit GuaranteeIncluded
Boots Purchased Elsewhere
Fitting Fee£50/1hour
Includes 2 stretches, liner heat mould & mechanical assessment 
Additional Fitting Fee£25/30min
Fit GuaranteeNot Incl.
Extra Work
Liner Modification£25
Custom Insole Appointment
Custom Sidas insole inc. fitting£125/1hour
Fit GuaranteeNot Incl.


  • How long does a Boot Fitting take?
    We pride ourselves on providing a great service. Achieving the best possible fit takes time, so be sure to allow a minimum of an hour and a half for your ski boot fitting.
  • What do I need to bring with me?
    Please bring the socks you usually wear for skiing, your footbeds/orthotics if you have any and also some trousers that can be pulled up to your knees. Leave those skinny jeans at home!
  • I need to cancel or move my appointment
    Please call us and give at least 24hrs notice so that we can offer the appointment to someone on our waiting list. 

And don't forget there'll be plenty of tea and coffee included with every boot fitting!