Snoli Snowboard Special Drill 1602/SB

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 This drill allows you to repair torn out drill holes quickly, easily and professionally. 

This special bit cuts a precise 110 deg. tapered hole to match the inserts, and controls the depth so the insert sits close to the correct depth. 

The bottom of the inserts are made of transulent polyethylene material which helps them blend in with any colour base.

The top consists of a conical metal body with 6mm screw thread 

  • Insert size: Ø 16mm 
  • Insert height, total: 9mm (7mm insert + 2mm PE covering)


1. First cut out the drilled hole with a Ø 8mm HSS drill from above (not included)

2. Turn the board over and drill / mill from the surface side with a countersink (e.g. Snoli 1602 / SB) as far as it will go.

3. Use a bit of epoxy to seal the core from moisture and help keep the insert in place over time, be careful not to get it in the insert threads!

4. The board must placed on a firm surface, then tap in the inserts with a firm hammer blow. The knurling on the side is then fixed in the borehole

5. When this is done there will be an excess of base material on the new cap. Grind off the excess covering of the inserts or use a sharp metal scraper to reduce the cap until it is flush with the base.

6. In the future when waxing be cautious not to overheat the insert's P-Tex cap, excess heat can cause it to separate from the insert.

This is a serious piece of work and you should practice on an old board initially and we do not recommend trying this without the correct drill bit.

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