POC Lens Iris Single Lens 3 Pack (Large) - Smokey Yellow, Blue and Transparent

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Blue - neutral light reduction with a slightly contrasting colour

Clear - Totally clear lens for evenings or low light conditions

Smokey yellow - Contrast enhancing tint in between yellow & green which helps in flat and low light

Sinlge lens to minimize optical distortion

Available in the different Comp goggle frame sizes

Polycarbonate lens are 100% (99,9%) UV blocking and they also provide good penetration resistance. In the single lens construction, Iris Comp, the lens is made in Cellulose Propionate with a anti fog coating. The single lens is used to minimize the optical distortion and in this case the lens will not have the same high degree of protection against scratches nor fog as the double PC lens. So only choose the Comp version if you are a competitive racer who really prioritize to minimize the optical distortion.

Single Lenses Included:

  • Smokey Yellow - Enhances contrast in low light conditions. Very versatile lens. 52% VLT
  • Clear - For use at night or stormy weather conditions.  90% VLT
  • Blue - 55% VLT

*VLT (Visible Light Transmission) is the percentage of light allowed to pass through a lens.


80% to 100%

Clear or very light


43% to 80%



18% to 43%



8% to 18%



3% to 8%

Very dark



The color spectrum runs from blue to violet, with many shades in between. Color sensation and perception is individual, which leads to a very subjective choice of lens color for varying conditions.

However, there are some basic rules within the color spectrum that can enhance contrast. A lens with a yellow, orange, pink or red color will block out more of the blue end of the color spectrum. This will enhance contrast, enabling you to more clearly make out shapes, objects and bumps in the terrain. These lenses are suitable in low light, fog and flat light, but also in moderate light. In bright light, dark tints will keep your eyes more comfortable.

A green or grey lens dampens the color spectrum evenly. This leads to a natural feel where the color spectrum will be experienced as normal.

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